Thursday, November 26, 2009


we have make a comeback again with more awesome killing designs.better get your booty offyour comfy couch and start staring at our clothes.

don't be too might just miss them!

v studded dress

this dress will blow you away with the glamorous classy look with the "V" shaped studded on your chest.dont miss it.its a great and worth buy if you want to look dangerously killing beautiful

available in:

fits uk 6 - uk 8

RM 50

zipper leggings

remember this??it's back in showtime.get sexxay and all the attention is focusing on you now.

fits uk 6 - uk 8

Available in:
electric pink
shiny silver

RM 30

more more studs cropped jacket bby

either u want to look real classy or glam it either way because there's nothing you can lose.

available in:
light grey - sold

fits uk8 - uk10

RM 40

rock n roll leather jacket

envy kim kardashians and rihanna with the leather jacket they put on them?be just like tem.what is there to wait when you can get them with us AT A VERY REOSONABLE PRICE. wear it casually with ur t-shirt on or put the rock n roll look with ur dress.

made of high quality material in and out.

Fits uk 8- uk 12

available in:
smokin' black

2 more pieces

RM 100

suede hot booties

velvet is all about high class and tasteful!want your legs to look expensive?why wait?get this now!

available in:
dark brown

height : 5 inches

36(vincci's size 5)
37(vincci's size 6)
38(vincci's size 7)
39(vincci's size 8)

RM 65

zipped zapped dress

your mum must have lost all her zips in the sewing kit?why?simple.the zips are here on this awesome dress.worth stealing mum's zip to create this whole new awesome look!

material is 100% cotton

available in:
dark blue

fits uk 6 - uk8

RM 45

vintage lacy lace dress

the Victorians are finally here in Malaysia and they are recruting the crews especially ladies who nailed the Victorian look

available in:

Fits uk8 - uk10

RM 45

glamorous 60's

so be it either formal dress or kill those hot boys' eyes because they wouldn't miss a single glance of you

available in:
dark grey

fits uk 6 - uk 8

RM 45

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The sandals

this sandals can make u feel classy babby.

37 VINCCI 5,
38 VINCCI 6,
39 VINCCI 7,
40 VINCCI 8.

available in:
dark chocolate

RM 30
only including postage

The sling bag is back

still remember this blue sling back? its back bby. with more choices of colors ;). weee

colour :
dark green(reserved)

price : RM 40 only including postage

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Steve Madden Studded Gladiators Inspired

WOW. ain't this gladiator is so YUMMYLICIOUS ;). and KATE MOSS wore them too. GRAB them fast before it is sold out girls. HURRY UP. make ur orders NOW :P

colour :black

only size 35 VINCCI 4 available

price : RM 55 only *super duper steal*

Monday, July 20, 2009

Acid Wash Ripped Skinny Jeans

the 80's acid wash skinny jeans is back people ;). rocking with those ripped effect. NOW Grab it here ladies

colour : available in light blue only

size= xs could fit both 25 and 26

price : RM 45

Friday, July 3, 2009

studded belt

wrap this around your waist!
brand new!

brand : -
colour : black (available),creamish white(available) and brown (brown SOLD)
size : free size
price : before RM 29

checkered flowy dress


brand : -
colour : blue and white
size: free size(fits up to uk 8)
price : RM 45

buttoned dress

casual+formal+vintage= this dress!
brand new!

brand : -
colour: red polka dots and grey skirt
size : uk 6
price : RM 25

PURPLE TOTE (click the picture for more details)

though it might not have a brand,it's still one cool and pretty thing to own

brand : -
colour : purple
price : RM 39